Virgin Galactic stock price falls after the spaceflight gets delayed to 2022

virgin galactic stock

On Friday, Virgin Galactic’s stocks fell after releasing an update about delaying the spaceflights to 2022.

Earlier, the spaceflight was supposed to take tourists on the space tourism venture in September. However, due to the company’s decision to begin the enhancement period on its VSS Unity Aircraft and VMS Eve Carrier Aircraft before flying again, all the plans have been postponed to the following year.

The refurbishment process is assumed to take eight to ten months. Thus, the next space flight taking tourists on the venture would also fly only after completing the refurbishments.

The stocks of the space tourism venture fell after this news was released.

As of 15 Oct, 10:33 am GMT-4; the stocks are at 20.85 USDs which is −3.22  (13.38%) points in the red. At one point, the stocks fell around 15% on Friday!

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