Stock Market Update: stocks drop, investors seek Earnings

stock market update

The stock market updates show a small change. On Monday, the stock market remained calmer than usual. An important reason for this was the upcoming earnings updates of the different companies on their third-quarter performance. The investors have taken a back seat and are waiting for the earnings and performances to be announced.

The inflation signs and supply-related challenges have created difficulties for corporate companies. Therefore, the investors await more data to run the bulls!

On Monday, all the major US indices declined considerably, nullifying their gains of the past! However, in Tuesday’s pre-market hours, the index surged a little!

The S&P 500 futures were at 4,362.75 points, with a rise of +11.75points (+0.27%). The Dow Futures showed the standings at 34,450.00 points, i.e., an increase by +74.00 points (+0.22%). The most substantial rise, though minute, was in the Nasdaq Futures. It stands at 14,766.00 points, a surge of +65.50 points (+0.45%).

The crypto market still witnesses a significant surge as Shiba Inu ($SHIB), Bitcoin ($BTC), Ethereum continue to rise!

The stock market will be more active in the coming days as the companies will announce their earnings for the third quarter! The investors await more stock market updates.

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