Stock Market: Global Market Stabilizes, eyes on wall street

stock market update

On Tuesday, the global market showed stabilization signs as the European shares trended a little optimistic. The investor sentiments towards the technology stocks also improved mildly. The US stock market futures predicted that the Wall Streets might open moderately high today!  

Stocks have dropped sharply in the past month because of the unpredictable coronavirus and the USA’s lack of policy consensus over the spending package. The technology stocks dipped considerably more because the tech giants like Facebook have faced considerable political scrutiny.  

On Monday, the S&P fell around -1.3%, while the Nasdaq fell by -2.14%. Dow Jones also saw a fall. However, the futures predicted the market to open in the greens and show some bullish trends.   

The Asian market fell a little but also looked to stabilize. Japan’s Nikkei saw the worst performance and fell by -2.2% and 252 points. South Korean and Australian markets followed in their steps. European markets, too, stabilized their Monda losses on Tuesday.  

All investor’s eyes are now on Wall Street as the stock market opens! 

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