Robinhood (HOOD) down, now trading at $25, Investors ask to list SHIB


Robinhood stocks fell more on Wednesday, taking the company’s all-time low stock price below $25. The company’s stocks have been plunging lately, and now, the investors seek HOOD to list Shiba Inu coin (SHIB) as resistance is futile.

Previously, the company’s stock price had closed at $25.94, while the company’s stock price for today has ranged between $24.61 and $26.39. The yearly range for HOOD has been from $24.61 to $85.00.

Earlier on Monday, the American financial services company Robinhood plunged a lot, right after the stock market opened for the week. The company’s stock (HOOD) fell around 7% to $25.76, which was its all-time low.   

The market had opened with its stocks trading at $28.09, but it sank as the day progressed. Though the stock prices got back to recovery, the conditions were still in favor of those betting against the company’s stocks.   

A reason for this fall could be that short-sellers make more profit for HOOD stocks. The brokerage has been a favorite stock for those who believe in day-trading. This has been proved as they have seen $253 million in mark-to-market gains since mid-August. The post-pandemic era has seen the Robinhood stocks tumble around 70% from the peak prices they had reached around August 4.   

In the last three weeks, Robinhood’s stock hasn’t traded on the $38 price which it had made in July’s initial public offering (IPO).   

Earlier this month, the financial services company had faced a cyber-attack. Later, the company reported that millions of users’ information had been lost to the data breach.   

Robinhood (HOOD) trades at $25.15, down 0.80 points (3.06%).

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