Lucid Motors – Tesla’s Rival stock surges after delivery event

LCID surges

Lucid Motors Inc. (LCID) stocks surged after its Lucid Air Dream edition’s delivery event. Lucid Air, delivered for the first time a week back, is considered the first worthy rival for Tesla EVs.

After the delivery event’s official recap video was released, the company’s stocks skyrocketed. As the markets closed, LCID was trading at $41.80, up +4.68 points (12.61%) for the day. In the after-market hours, the company was trading at $41.95, up by +0.15 points (0.36%).

The 360 degree aerial view

One of the first owners of the Lucid Air Dream edition recently shared an aerial 360-degree video of the camera, which surprised everyone with its excellent resolution and quality. Since then, the new EV is being considered outdoing Tesla in many aspects.

Lucid Air Dream: California Dream Deliveries

The delivery event held on 30th October 2021, was celebrated again by Lucid Motors as they released a recap video of the event on YouTube. The spectacular video of the cars fleeting by as they rallied is stealing the show.

The 520-mile luxury electric car is a real Tesla rival, and the company is manufacturing only 520 of these, which are already reserved.

Earlier, the CEO of Lucid Motors, Peter Rawlinson, had said that Tesla’s 4680 batteries are not a significant breakthrough as some people may fantasize. He added that bigger cells might have advantages, but people looking at it as a huge breakthrough is just a fantasy.

Lucid Air Dream Price

The Lucid Air Dream Edition is sold-out. The Lucid Air Pure edition is priced at $77,400 before incentives and offers 480 horsepower.  The Air Dream edition can also be reserved at $139,000 Grand Touring, and delivery can be expected in the early part of next year.

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