Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies partners with Microsoft

JJMDC Microsoft

The Johnson and Johnson Medical Devices Companies (JJMDC) has entered into a strategic partnership with Microsoft, announced on Monday. The collaboration with Microsoft is to enable and expand JJMDC’s digital survey ecosystem and further make it more secure and compliant.  

Johnson and Johnson announced the strategic partnership with Microsoft and called it a step towards realizing the vision of driving innovation. The Microsoft Cloud will help JJMDC steading towards creation and advancing skills, improving workflow, and enhancing surgical decision-making. The venture will better the customer’s experience, improving the medical and economic outcomes.   

The ecosystem of next-generation robotics, instrumentation, advanced imaging solutions, data analytics, and AI also includes JJMDC’s innovative medical technology.    

“Collaborating with Microsoft will help take our digital approach to the next level as we create a best-in-class, unified platform across our innovative surgical technologies. It brings together our collective expertise and is an exciting step towards creating a connected patient journey across the entire care continuum, before, during, and after a procedure.”

said Larry Jones, Group CIO and Global Vice President, Medical Devices, Johnson & Johnson.  

Mobilizing the potential of Johnson and Johnson’s assets and making a clinical difference for the patients is the ultimate aim of the collaboration. Brilliant connectivity and a seamless ecosystem with all the clinical elements enabling the decision-making and research would be crucial after meeting surgeons during the workflow and with the patients on their healthcare journey.   

Microsoft has also agreed to serve as JJMDC’s preferred cloud provider for the digital survey solutions that the company is venturing with the partnership. Microsoft will also help JJMDC (Johnson and Johnson Medical Companies) build its digital survey platform and the internet of things device connectivity.   

The two partner companies expect to work together to deliver patient outcomes using data insights using the power of Microsoft cloud, Azure, AI (artificial intelligence), Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365, and machine learning.  

The collaboration is meant to speed up digital innovation in the healthcare sector and bring transformation across JJMDC’s digital surgery ecosystem.   

“At the Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies, we’re shaping a future where medical intervention is smarter, less invasive, and more personalized. We’re excited to collaborate with Microsoft on this important work as we continue to expand our digital surgery assets and capabilities, develop innovative and advanced instrumentation, and make a meaningful clinical difference for customers and patients.”  

said Peter Schulam, MD, Ph.D., Global Head, Medical Affairs, Clinical Affairs, and Pre-Clinical Research, JJMDC, and Leader, Office of Digital Innovation. 

Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Company (JJMDC) is one of the healthcare units of the parent company, Johnson & Johnson (JNJ).   

The announcement of the deal did not positively affect the JNJ stock, and it dipped after the market opened. Johnson and Johnson (JNJ), down 1.25 points (-0.72%), trades at $172.70 on 10 Jan, at 9:45 am GMT-5.  

Following similar trends, Microsoft Corporation stock (MSFT) also dipped, going down 6.39 points (-2.03%), and trades at $307.65 on 10 Jan, at 9:49 am GMT-5. 

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