IZEA stock up after it starts accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum as payments  

IZEA accepts btc eth

Izea Worldwide Inc. (IZEA) stock rose after it announced that the company now accepts Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) as payments for its influencer marketing services.   

IZEA is the premier provider of influencer marketing technology, data, and services for the leading brands across the globe. It will also select influencers who will be paid in cryptocurrency for the marketing campaigns involving crypto as a mode of payment from the marketers.  

IZEA recently surveyed one thousand participants from the US, where it found that the influencers are the early adopters of cryptocurrency. The survey recorded that around 65% of influencers who participated in the study already owned cryptocurrencies. 50% of the participants expressed a great interest in getting cryptocurrency for payment of their content creation.  

With the announcement made by the company today, IZEA has answered the influencers call by allowing the leading brands to pay in cryptocurrency for its services and managed marketing campaigns.  

“IZEA first embraced cryptocurrency in 2018 with our initial cryptocurrency mining operations of altcoins. We believed then that blockchain would be instrumental as the Internet continued to evolve, and we were correct in that regard – though the space faced many legal uncertainties at the time. As the space has evolved and crypto exchanges have been vetted, validated, and regulated, we seek to return to the space and this is the first step along that path.” said Ted Murphy, founder and CEO of IZEA. 

After the news broke, IZEA stock which had taken a dip after the market opened, rose again. Izea Worldwide Inc.’s stock (IZEA) up around 0.030 points, trades at $1.32 (+2.33%) on 11 Jan, at 10:29 am GMT-5. At a point, the stock had soared around 5% but fell because of short-sellers. 

Izea Worldwide Inc.’s (IZEA) operations initially were focused on altcoins, but the company later converted it to Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Currently, the company holds both of these coins and has also benefitted from the appreciation of these digital assets as their value has increased over the years.  

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