Is AMC looking forward to its own cryptocurrency?

AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. has developed a new interest in the crypto market. The company recently accepted Shiba Inu coin for payments after its CEO Adam Aron made a poll on Twitter asking for people’s opinions as to if it should be accepted or not. Now the timeline for implementation has been conformed – 60 to 120 days

The largest theatre chain in the world has been expanding its business lately, and recently, it also stepped its feet into the popcorn market. AMC theatres had accepted Bitcoin for payments and booking tickets earlier. Now, the company is also diving deeper into the nascent crypto market and accepting more tokens.

Last week, AMC announced its earnings call, after which the revelations were made. On one of the earning calls with the analysts, the news spread that AMC well is looking forward to having its cryptocurrency. The company seems to be exploring the feasibility of launching its own coin. AMC says it has entered into talks with Hollywood Producers about creating non-fungible tokens (NFT) related to the major cinema releases.

The company has already successfully created a brand boost among the younger generation by its newly-found crypto-friendly image. AMC theatres are broadening its spectrum from being just the largest theatre chain in the world.

Rumors are also pointing towards Crypto-based dividends. AMC’s apes have been very chatty about this idea on social media platforms. With AMC’s CEO Adam Aron being open to so many ideas – this is not far-fetched. If he pulls this off – the much-awaited short squeeze will be back on the menu.

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