Now that the 60 days of the quiet period is over, one can expect some news on Vinco Ventures’ spin-off business Cryptyde Inc pretty soon. Investors of Vinco Ventures (Nasdaq: BBIG) were excited to see references of Cryptyde popping up on Fintel. Fintel® a popular advanced research tools provider, tracks over 9500 funds and over 63,000 securities traded worldwide. They shared their joy on Social media platforms.

One avid investor even pointed out the wrong date/year on the Fintel page – indicating that it could be a ‘placeholder’ page.

There have been a lot of developments since the the SEC filing on November 11th 2021. Employees of Cryptyde Inc have been updating their Linked-in profiles sharing their new job titles. Cryptyde currently has 4 employees – Brian McFadden – President; Sheldon Swift – Chief Product Officer; Sheamia S – Chief of Staff and Aimee Caroll – Investor Relations.

Director Corporate Communications of popular news agency Benzenga tweeted that Vinco Venture’s CEO will be doing an interview with them shortly – although no date has been confirmed.

Cryptyde’s website now has a landing page and has been asking visitors to subscribe to its email list to get first-hand information when the site launches.

The Numbers

Vinco Ventures (BBIG) closed at $2.31 on Friday with an extremely low volume of just over 6.87 million. Utilization is over 99% with average cost to borrow at 25% and 25000 shares available to borrow. Exchange reported short interest sits at 30.38 million (24.61% of free float) as of December 15th 2021.

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