Cathie Wood to give ARK Invest’s October market update

cathie wood ark invest

Cathie Wood’s ARK Invest had an excellent start to this week. However, along with the market, towards the end, it also turned from positives into negatives. The gains from last year are slowly drifting away. At this crucial juncture, ARK Invest is set to hold its October market update webinar

Cathie Wood is constantly reshuffling her ETFs to stand to the market headwinds. She might have a plan that is not visible as of now.  

ARK Invest, the point of discussion on Wall Street for the past two years, has also decided to relocate to Florida. The announcement was made a few days back.  

Cathie Wood and her ARK Invest seem to be planning something big as they cashed out Coinbase shares worth $25 million. The shares had surged after Bitcoin broke the $60,000 resistance.  

Last month was not very good for the life sciences and healthcare sector, and Cathie Wood used the falling stock prices of the companies. She invested in Gingko Bioworks, Signify Health, and some more companies!  

It will be interesting to see what more is there in the October Market Update!  

You can get the live updates on the Rising Candle’s Twitter Handle! So, stay tuned as much information awaits you! 

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