AMC offers Open Caption and bags extraordinary advance bookings

AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc’s CEO tweeted Wednesday about offering shows with Open Caption each week. He also added that it is in time with Eternals from Disney studios. This is big news for comic fans with hearing difficulties. The Open cations will be available on selected shows.

Petition from a student

Three years ago, a film student named Drue Polkey from Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana, created a petition to add captioning in all theatres. He mentioned that there are 6 AMC Theaters within a 50-mile radius of my university.  When a deaf or hard-of-hearing friend comes to the movies with me, they have to use CaptiView devices that often don’t work or Sony Entertainment Access Glasses that are distracting. 

My proposed solution is that AMC Theaters implement open captioning in their theaters.

from Drue Polkey

This proposal is now implemented by AMC theatres.

Eternals – Disney/Marvel movie

Within half an hour, the CEO also tweeted about the advanced movie bookings for Disney/Marvel, followed by the open captions.

Disney/Marvel’s new movie Eternal, opening on Nov. 5, went on booking from Monday. It is estimated to have a humongous sale of $2.6M in the first 24 hours. This is 86% over one of the latest releases, Shangi-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings ($1.4M) and 30% more than Black Widow ($2M). The biggest sale on one day for this year so far.

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