AMC First-Ever NFT partnered with Sony, CEO Adam Aron tweets

amc nft

On Sunday, as promised, AMC CEO Adam Aron made tweets about the surprise in store. AMC CEO announced AMC Theatres’ partnership with Sony Pictures for AMCs first-ever NFT.

Earlier this week, the AMC CEO had announced that Sunday would be a day for a surprise. Right before his tweet with the big announcement Adam Aron tweeted that many excellent ideas came out of the shareholders meeting. One of these was the acceptance of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu for payments.

But, the most important one among all the ideas put forward was creating an NFT linked to AMC theatres, which finally has been done.

In the tweet, Adam Aron stated that they are giving more than 100 unique Spider-Man NFTs for free to the first 86,000 online buyers of the US AMC December 16 tickets for Spider-Man No Way Home.

The stock market saw the influence of the new virus, and all the major companies’ share prices dropped. AMC was no exception. Still, with Spider-Man No Way Home, which is anticipated to be a bigger hit than all the other movies of the marvel cinematic universe, AMC Theatres might look forward to making a comeback.

Hopefully, we might be able to witness some positive impact of the NFT on AMC’s stock prices when the market opens on Monday.

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