AMC Fails to Deliver Skyrockets, what else is in store for investors?

amc eternals
amc to release earnings with eternals in theatre

AMC’s fails to deliver have jumped over 2700% in the latest data released by SEC. The AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. fell in September, but the world’s largest theatre chain’s failed to deliver exploded in October. 

As of October 14 data, revealed by the SEC, AMC stood at approx. 80,000. This amount is over 700 times greater than Amazon and around 900 times greater than Microsoft’s. 

What is a ‘fail to deliver’? 

A share is a ‘fail to deliver’ if the company makes a trade, but the trade is not completed. This means that the buyer never actually receives the shares. 

Why is AMCs failed to deliver greater than the largest shares in the market? 

AMC has shown repeated high fails to deliver, the reasons may be benign, but SEC indeed has its eyes on it and might want to look at any signs of illegal naked short selling. 

AMC Theatres entering the popcorn biz 

AMC announced that it will be entering the multi-billion-dollar popcorn industry in 2022. The announcement came from Adam Aron, the CEO of the theatre chain. 

AMC is also set to announce its earnings for the quarter on the upcoming Monday. With the highly anticipated Marvel Universe’s Eternals running in the theatres, investors are all-eyes to the upcoming earnings call.  

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