Amazon Home Robot Astro revealed, check features here

amazon home robot

On Tuesday, Amazon announced its long-awaited Home robot. The $999 robot Astro is a “Day-1 edition” product. It means that for buying the robot, one would require an invitation from Amazon.  

Astro roams around the house on three wheels. The robot can also bring things from one place to the other or from one room to another.  

It can be used to do video chats and can also play music. Its camera features can be used for surveilling the house.  

Astro’s profits come from its AWS Cloud business.  

The netizens also call the Amazon home robot ‘Alexa on wheels, but it is still too early to say anything such!  

The company announced Astro would be on sale before the end of the year. But, no launch date has been specified as of now! 

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