DoorDash beats revenue expectations – Q3 2021

DoorDash Inc. NYSE (DASH), released its Q3 earnings report after the market closed on Tuesday. The company reported an EPS of -$0.30  with a revenue of $1.275 billion

Analysts Estimate

EPS: a loss per share of $0.26

Revenue: $1.18 billion

Earnings History

Online food delivery company DoorDash last released its earnings report on 12th August 2021. DoorDash recorded a loss per share of $0.3. 

Revenue of the firm grew 83% YOY to $1.2 billion and total orders grew 69% YOY to 345 million.

It generated GAAP gross profit of $657 million, an increase of 101% YOY from $327 million since the same period a year ago, and GAAP net loss of $102 million, compared to net income of $23 million the same period in 2020.

Besides, it reported adjusted EBITDA of $113 million, an increase of 43% YOY  from $79 million since Q2 2020.

Future Plans

DoorDash rolled out SafeDash, an in-app security toolkit for helping its delivery people while they are on the platform. It is also taking a sharp turn away from on-demand fulfillment and is launching Nationwide Shipping. 

Company Profile

DoorDash is an online food ordering and food delivery platform. It is the longest food delivery company in the United States and is now moving into delivering other goods. 

Based in San Francisco, California, United States, the company has had Tony Xu as its CEO since 2013 when it was founded. 

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