What is Baby Dogecoin and why is it trending on Twitter?

baby dogecoin

Today, Baby Dogecoin is stealing all the highlights on Twitter. Baby Dogecoin, the altcoin launched as a spinoff of the original Dogecoin has enjoyed substantial fame and popularity.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk also embraced Baby Doge. As a result, its popularity increased further. With a total market cap of $500,516,366, the 24-hr volume of the crypto is $34 million (approx).

Twitter Buzz

Recently, some rumour started which stated that Dogecoin wants to keep the “doge” especially for itself. This increased people’s sentiments for the Baby Dogecoin and it started trending with words of hope and encouragement coming from the Twitteratis.

Before Twitter could react to the rumour and its repercussions, the token had surged considerably!

As of now, the Baby DogeCoin Price ($BabyDoge) is $0.000000001951 with a surge of 9.27%.

Bitcoin also has increased by 7.44% in the past 24 hours.

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