Shiba Inu hops again, Bitcoin seeks an all-time high

Shiba inu

As the week opens, Crypto market bulls are going on a fast track. The Monday morning saw Shiba Inu, currently, one of the significant fantasies in the crypto world, surging with all its might! Bitcoin followed the trends and looks to break an all-time-high resistance of $65,000.  

Bitcoin has surged around 3.63% in the past 24 hours, and a surge of 19.62% has been observed over the last seven days. On similar trends, Ethereum also rose considerably!   

However, Shiba Inu, the puppy-token that has been surging consistently, hops back again. This time, it rose around 20% and later was stabilised at approximately 12%. However, the coin has seen a rise of about 212% in the last seven days.   

The bitcoin hitting the resistance of $65,000 will eventually be the most awaited news for the week! 

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