MANA: The Metaverse crypto gains today

Decentraland ($MANA), the major metaverse crypto, has gained substantially today. The increase might have been in response to ‘Metaverse’ trending in Twitter. Here are the latest updates about the coin’s performance.

$MANA Performance

The token rose by 2.09% and traded at $3.28 at 11:14 a.m. ET. The market capitalization stood at $5.9 billion, up by 2.09%. Moreover, the 24-hour trading volume increased by a whopping 440.18% to $1.7 billion. Few minutes ago from this, the crypto was priced at $3.25, up by 1.27%. Therefore, it gained considerably in a short period of time.

The coin was priced at $2.87 at 8:34 a.m. and since then it started the uptrend. Moreover, it gained about 14.2% by the time of writing. It reached the peak of $3.41 at 10:39 a.m. ET. This shows that it had gained a good 18.8% within just two hours.

Is MANA coin a good investment?

The crypto market is volatile and no one knows how it might perform a minute later. Therefore, $MANA being a part of the market is also unpredictable. Moreover, the coin had been plunging for a while but is gaining when the entire market is dipping. So the ones who believe in #buythedip can consider this as an investment or can watch out for other investment options. Its supporters and the ones who are positively waiting for it to gain massively can surely try their luck. However, be cautious since the market can never be predicted.

Crypto Market Performance

The crypto market has been crashing today. This is the reason that every single coin that gains or surges is the hope for crypto investors. While the largest coin, Bitcoin, has been crashing along with Ethereum and others, $MANA is gaining.

  • $BTC was valued at $42,838.36 as of 05:45 a.m. ET, down 8% from the previous day.
  • $ETH was valued at $3,365.7, down 12% from yesterday and down $461.
  • Tether ($USDT), Binance ($BNB), and Solana ($SOL) all fell. When writing, these cryptocurrencies were down 0.01%, 9.68%, and 12.86%, respectively.

It will be intriguing to watch on the next move of this trending cryptocurrency.

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