KuCoin Global Launches New Exchange Feature

KuCoin, the third largest cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the launch of its KuCoin Fiat account. This allows global users  to deposit US dollars (USD) into KuCoin using  credit or debit cards and buy major crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether, etc. 

Currently, over 400 digital currencies are listed on the trading platform. The world of Cryptocurrencies continue to expand rapidly, and converting fiat currencies to cryptocurrencies is one of the first hurdles new traders face. 

“As the ‘People’s exchange’, KuCoin continues to improve the experience for all classes of crypto investors by introducing advanced products with less complexity and lower fees. The KuCoin Fiat Account will help get more intenders on board, contributing to the mass adoption of crypto ahead.”

Johnny Lyu, KuCoin Global CEO.

The new Fiat account feature will be offered as a complement to existing Fiat-related services within the platform, including P2P Fiat Trade and third-party services such as Simplex, Banksa and BTC Direct. 

The KuCoin Fiat account supports both Visa and MasterCard, allowing you to deposit US dollars directly into your user account. The deposited US dollars will be automatically converted to the selected cryptocurrency at a favorable exchange rate. The KuCoin team says the new account will support more than 50 fiat currencies including EUR, AUD, GBP and RUB in the near future. 

KuCoin launched the campaign from 6:00 pm on November 2nd to 6:00 pm (UTC) on November 5th, 2021  to celebrate the Fiat account feature and buy USDT for the first 100 users, 50% Rewards the user by granting. Discount with KuCoin Fiat account.

A New Virtual Office Also Built! 

To share the project with the world, KuCoin MetaOffice has created a Blocktopia Skyscraper that everyone can get together. 

KuCoin developed this platform with all Metaverse tokens. The following functions are available to the user. 

 Full VR Experience 

 Cyberpunk Decoration 

 Lots of Interactive Virtual Furniture 

 Large Screen Video 

 Chat and Voice Online

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