Harmony (ONE) surges 10%; will its market cap hit $4 billion?  


Harmony (ONE), the cryptocurrency under its blockchain that runs Ethereum applications, surged over 10% on Wednesday.   

The currency trades at $0.3409, up 12.75% at the time of writing. The market capitalization increased 12.9% stood at $3.949 billion, while the trading volume increased by 43.51% in the last 24-hours.   

Harmony also announced that it had received a grant for datachain to build a bridge between Harmony and Cosmos- the Internet of Blockchains. Thus, with datachain’s experience building interoperability solutions using trustless intermediaries, harmony has moved a step closer towards scaling cross-chain finance.  

This deal will also open up the whole IBC-enabled ecosystem to all Harmony (ONE) users. The asset transfer between blockchains like Harmony, Cosmos, Terra, and other IBC networks can be done at ease now.  

Using IBC’s protocol, ONE has facilitated 3 million transfers in 30 days. Bridging with cosmos upon datachain’s approval has become a starting point for several initiatives like cross-chain atomic swap and others.  

Datachain also released a tweet about the coming together of Harmony (ONE) and cosmos.  

Harmony is also set to launch its first stable coin, which t]will be backed by its blockchain and called the ‘One USD’ coin.  

Many users also predicted a further take-off in the value of the cryptocurrency.  

Harmony (ONE) has surged around 90% in the last month while it has rocketed around 5641% in the last year. The cryptocurrency’s all-time-high is at $0.38, which it had reached in October- around the time Bitcoin also hit its ATH. 

Harmony is a fast blockchain, open platform for assets, collectibles, identity, governance. Its secure bridges offer cross-chain asset transfer with Ethereum, Binance, and other chains. 

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