Catecoin: Will cats overtake dogs?

Catecoin, launched in May 2021, is one of the newbies in the meme frenzy crypto. It is a cat-themed coin which allows investors to earn from their memes. However, they should be holding 5 million tokens of $CATE. That must sound a huge number but the coin has been trading for a fraction of a penny. Hence, making it easier for people to invest in it. Therefore, the cat club calls it the “Real meme coin”.

The dogs have been ruling the market for a while. Shiba inu surged by 889% last month and surpassed Dogecoin in market cap. There was a new entrant in the race, Floki inu which also rallied for quite a long time.

Here is their rival which aspires to beat the dogs in the race. The coin garnered a lot of a attention last month due to its soaring prices. The coin recently surged and killed another ‘0’ to surpass the 0.0000100 mark. Its prices have again increased by 24% in the last 24 hours. Earlier, it had surged by a whopping 8000% in the previous week. Therefore, paving way for attracting more investors.

Catecoin’s 24 hours spike. Source- CoinMarketCap

Investors’ view

Investors who have been investing in meme frenzy cryptos like $SHIB, $DOGE have started investing in $CATE as well. They strongly believe that it will prove to be another ‘Shiba inu’ which will rally and beat its rivals. The coin also gained investor attention since it is the only cat-themed cryptocurrency in the market.

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