Bitcoin surges with the US SECs ETF approval optimism

bitcoin etf

In the anticipation of the US SECs approval of the Bitcoin ETFs, the coin has been surging consistently. The bitcoin prices fueled by these anticipations have risen to the highest in the last six months. It hit the $60,000 resistance on Friday.

The hopes grew about the US regulators allowing the futures-based exchange-traded fund (ETF) for Bitcoin. This move would open a path for wider investment in digital assets. The crypto investors have been eyeing the SEC moves and the recent rally of the crypto prices is also backed by these speculations.

On Thursday, Bloomberg reported that the US SEC is ready to allow the Bitcoin futures ETF starting next week.

Bitcoin’s moves on Friday also saw the influence of the news report as the prices surged.

Crypto ETFs have already been launched in Canada and Europe this year. The digital asset ETFs have also gained significant popularity and fame owing to the rising interest of people in Cryptocurrency.

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