Bitcoin mocks $60,000 resistance, crypto market sky-high

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Cryptocurrencies are enjoying a positive surge. Bitcoin hit the $1 trillion market cap, and is currently leading the crypto market. It has surged a lot and crossed the $55,000 barrier. Other currencies like the meme-coins: Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have rendered the market speechless with their performance in the last few days.   

The stablecoins like tether are also surging. Bitcoin and Ethereum have contributed to a big profit and have become the most exciting cryptocurrencies for investors.   

On Thursday, Bitcoin took to Twitter and posted a tweet mocking the $60,000 resistance as fragile as a snack stick on a door lock.  

As things progress, it seems Bitcoin will have a strengthening in October. Bitcoin had fallen behind the $1 trillion market cap this May, but it has hit the mark again in October.  

Bitcoin’s actions have resulted in a surge in all the altcoins, and the stablecoins-which are also doing pretty well! The battle of the puppies continues as Dogecoin, and Shiba Inu look to outdo each other!   

Shiba Inu specifically has done consistently better since it was launched last year. Its tremendous rise of 15 million per cent is indeed predicting a promising future! 

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