The 45-year-old CEO of the world’s largest exchange in terms of daily trading volume of cryptocurrencies has become the richest man in Asia surpassing the Indian business tycoon Mr. Mukesh Ambani with an estimated net worth of a whopping $96 bn. The ‘Binance’ CEO has been officially ranked 11th in the world as per Bloomberg’s Billionaire’s Index. He also reported holds the title of the first to enter the list of billionaires from a crypto space.

The Binance CEO ranks just behind the Oracle founder, Larry Ellison who has a net worth of $107bn currently. If you think $96bn is too much to process or be worth, then wait till you hear that the wealth estimate doesn’t take into account his crypto personal crypto holdings and that his wealth just doesn’t end with the current reported official valuation, it might be significantly higher over a $100bn!

It is only fair to assume and quite understand why he is worth what he is worth as he runs a company which is at the moment and for the years to come operating in a very attractive industry with high potential investors and great numbers adding up in the future. If the crypto industry expands according to the predictions in the future, the current net worth of the world’s largest crypto exchange company’s CEO is only the beginning.

The success of Binance plays a huge role for CZ (as he is famously known) as the company is performing tremendously well and is aggressively expanding leaps and bounds, it opened 70 million locations worldwide and earned at least around 20 billion last year alone, no wonder the CEO is doing great for himself.

From flipping burgers at Mc Donalds to becoming the richest billionaire, he has come a long way. Crypto is still in its growth stage but as more and more avenues open to the crypto market, more investors set foot into the market, and as more countries recognize the use of cryptos, north goes the net worth valuation of the Binance CEO and all the people significantly involved in the cryptocurrency market.

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