Baby DogeCoin surges amidst a continued Bitcoin and crypto pullback  

baby doge

While Bitcoin and the entire crypto market crumbles, the Shiba Inu and Dogecoin competitor, Baby DogeCoin surged around 15% in the last 24 hours. The new dog-themed crypto-asset increased its total supply and rose high despite the bearish crypto market trends.  

With a price change of 16.33%, the dog-faced token trades at $0.000000003502. Its market capitalization also increased by around 41%. The crypto has surged by over 130% in a month, while Bitcoin has plunged below the $42,000 mark.  

Baby Dogecoin is also called the ‘son’ of Dogecoin. However, it is merely a joke, and the two have no evident relation. Baby Doge’s surge has outpaced the rival dog-themed tokens, like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.   

Other cryptocurrencies plunged along with the bearish crypto market. At the time of writing, Bitcoin down 0.70% in the last 24-hours, and 12.46% in the past seven days, traded at $41,459.30.  

Ethereum was down 19%, DogeCoin down almost 14%, and Shiba Inu (SHIB) down 18% for the past seven-day period.  

Baby Doge’s recent surge has pulled up its market capitalization making it one of the top 150 digital assets by market cap.   

The crypto market’s uncertainty has increased further as the Bitcoin dip continues.   

However, not everyone is at a loss in the bearish crypto market. According to a report, Binance CEO Zho has increased his net worth. The holder of the largest crypto exchange, Changpeng Zhao, has a net worth of $96 billion, including his crypto holdings.  

As the trade of the currencies increases, Binance has become a big-time player in the crypto market. CEO Zhao was earlier in the headlines comparing Tesla’s car with Dogecoin. The Twitter Battle between Elon Musk and CEO Zhao had gained some extra attention from the fans. 

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