Now Zoom sessions are getting live translation and whiteboard features in the app. The company announced the new features at Monday’s Zoomtopia conference.

Translation Support in 30 Languages

Earlier in February, Zoom intimidated the world about the oncoming live transcriptions or closed captions feature in English, which will be autogenerated during Zoom Calls. This time they have confirmed real-time transcriptions support in 30 languages. The feature will be available on Zoom apps from next year-end.

All paid accounts will get real-time translation support in 12 languages by the 2022 year-end. The languages enabled in the process isn’t known yet, but the company informed this was from the insights gained at Kites, the German translation company they recently acquired.

Whiteboard in VR Meetings

Besides that, Zoom will also launch a whiteboard sharing feature where people can write and draw while talking. A beta version of the whiteboards feature will be available this year in Zoom apps and on the web, outside of the preview of meetings. The drawing tools features on the whiteboards is the same as before. The only difference is the video calls support, where you can add sticky notes and comments and view them later.

Zoom also plans to launch a Facebook Horizon Workrooms feature by early 2022. This feature will allow VR meeting spaces to connect with Zoom Whiteboard and host video meetings. One can even pin a whiteboard and work together with your colleagues using computers. The pinned whiteboards will appear on your virtual desk, making them accessible to everyone.


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