US Stock futures and crypto market fall

US stock futures and the crypto market opened lower on Monday, following the news of market losses in Asia and energy market crisis in Europe. The FTSE 100 was 1.6% lower during the intra day session. S&P futures was down 1.31%, Dow futures down 1.55%, Nasdaq down by 1.06% and Russel 2000 down by 1.82%.

Crude Oil took a hit as well sliding down as much as 2.2%.

Wholesale gas prices have soared more than 250% since January 2021 and the UK Government is currently considering state-backed loans to companies to offer support during this crisis. Evergrande’s saga continued as its shares plunged 17% at one point, closing the day with 12.2% lower; dragging the Hang Seng down 3.6%.

The Hang Seng’s worries combined with the gas price surge is spreading worries across the market including commodities and crypto. Bitcoin fell below the $45,000 mark, Solana and Cardano fell more than 10% and Ethereum is currently down

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