Thousands In Dark As LUMA Energy Crisis Hits

Peurto Ricans are hit by electricity shut down as LUMA Energy is short of power generation.

Earlier today, the company announced on social media that they have started with service interruptions over the ‘limited generation’ issue.

Severe Electricity Shortage

Meanwhile, the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority PREPA informed the media that over 100,000 people in Puerto Rica have been affected. LUMA Energy is in charge of energy transmission and distribution in the country.

People in Caguas, Ponce, San Juan and Mayagüez are the most affected.

The situation has worsened further as PREPA reported a break in one of their Palo Seco Power Plant boilers, which is likely to affect the electricity output.

“An event of sargassum entered the system, plugged the filters and slipped through a pipe, which caused a forced exit from Unit 1 of the Aguirre Power Plant yesterday”, revealed PREPA.

Powerplant Goes Out of Operation

With a powerplant unit going out of operation, thousands were affected as their electricity supply was disrupted.

The less than one-inch pipe makes or breaks the situation as it supplies the required water needed for power generation to the condenser. When it is working, it delivers 115,000 gallons of water every minute. The pipe is cleaned twice a year as they don’t collect that much waste, said the corporation.

Everything else is operating as per the EPA’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System, as the discharge pumps are operational, maintaining the levels and temperature parameters.

PREPA informed that the Central Aguirre technical group regularly cleans and repairs all the pipes, assuring that the Unit 1 break would be operational soon

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