Tesla’s AI day is today – What to expect

The much-awaited Tesla AI Day kick starts today even as it faces a federal investigation into the safety of its “Autopilot” mode. 

The second edition, ‘AI day’, hopes to give fans and investors an insight into plans for a more automated future. On August 19, Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk announced the event via his Twitter. While Musk did not reveal what to expect from the event, his only explanation came from a response tweet to another user. In it, he said the sole goal of Tesla AI Day is to recruit “the best AI talent to join Tesla.”  

According to reports, the event will feature a keynote by Elon, hardware and software demos from Tesla engineers, test rides in Model S Plaid, and more.  

Musk may announce plans to expand the company’s AI strategy to include products beyond its electric vehicles. Musk and other top officials are expected to provide details on Tesla’s supercomputer project. Named ‘Project Dojo’, the supercomputer aims at improving Tesla’s existing Full Self-Driving (FSD) software accuracy by processing truly vast amounts of video data.  

“Tesla is developing a [neural net] training computer called Dojo to process truly vast amounts of video data. It’s a beast!” Musk had tweeted on the supercomputer project Iin 2020.  

Earlier this year, Andrej Karpathy, Tesla’s head of AI, spoke on Dojo and its neural network at a computer vision and pattern recognition conference.  

“For us, computer vision is the bread and butter of what we do and what enables Autopilot. And for that to work really well, we need to master the data from the fleet, and train massive neural nets and experiment a lot. So, we invested a lot into the computer,” Karpathy had stated.  

Tesla may also talk about their recent switch to vision AI and how they’re leveraging cameras to determine object size and distance. The physical event is an invite-only mainly targeted at developers and technicians working in the sprawling field of AI. According to Goldman Sachs, Tesla is expected to discuss AI applications for solar/storage software and advanced manufacturing in its factories. 

In the past, the electric vehicle maker had held similar events for its batteries and self-driving vehicles. Autonomy Day in 2019 saw Musk outlining ambitious plans for autonomous Tesla robotaxis. Musk had claimed that the company would have “one million robotaxis on the road” by the end of 2020. But the plans remain only on paper and yet to materialize. Autonomy Day also witnessed Tesla showcasing their Hardware 3.0 FSD computer. 

Meanwhile, Tesla is gearing up to open the Supercharger network to electric vehicles of other automakers by September 2022. The company currently has over 25,000 Superchargers at over 2,700 stations across the globe. Tesla also recently confirmed that it plans to allow EV owners to download the Tesla app to give them access to the charging stations.  

Tesla under Federal Investigation Scanner  

On August 16, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced it is formally looking into the safety of Tesla’s Autopilot Level 2 driver-assistance functions. Federal investigators say they are particularly probing into Tesla crashes with parked emergency vehicles. The government agency says it is aware of at least 11 crashes or fires, resulting in 17 injuries, as well as one fatality. Around 765,000 cars from Tesla, including the Model Y, 3, S and X, features under the new investigation. 

Tesla AI day – How to watch  

Tesla AI Day will kick off at 5 pm Pacific Time and 6 pm Eastern Time from the company’s California headquarters. Tesla AI Day is likely to be live-streamed on the Tesla website (https://www.tesla.com/) on August 19 from 5 pm PT, or at the equivalent time for your location.   

Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) were trading at $688.99 at the time of writing.  

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