No time to die grosses $56m in US as people gradually return to theatres

The latest James Bond movie, No time to Die opened in theatres on Friday after a blockbuster opening in the UK the previous week. It’s estimated to have grossed $56 million domestically in the opening weekend.

Source: Box Office Mojo

No time to Die broke the record of having the best opening night, grossing $6.3m on Thursday (including premiere) compared to previous 007 movies, Spectre ($5.25 million), Skyfall ($4.6 million) and Quantum of Solace ($2.5 million).

Stars Daniel Craig and Rami Malek visited avid moviegoers just before a sneak peak early screening of their movie at the AMC Burbank theatre.

Daniel Craig’s final appearance as 007 topped the box office worldwide as expected but didn’t do quite as spectacular in the US as some hoped on the weekend of Oct 8th – 10th, 2021

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