Michael J Burry’s firm Scion Asset Management LLC has been subpoenaed by the SEC regarding the GameStop investigation. Named ‘The Big Short’ of the stock market Michael Burry took twitter to share his frustration.

This tweet is now deleted, but avid fans have taken screengrabs of his tweet. The tweet said “So, who got an SEC subpoena over $GME? Actually, I know who, they’re on my subpoena. With all thats going on in the world…”

Micheal Burry has been on and off twitter recently. Earlier this week, he took a dig at the federal reserve and big tech giant. He noted, how the stock market value gained $5 for every $1 investment, indicating the stretching of prices. This could increase significantly as millennials invest via passive things like index funds instead of direct stock purchase.

He also alleged that the FED were downplaying the inflation threat by pumping more money into the already stretched system


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