#KenGriffinLied has been trending #1 on twitter all day. The reason being, Citadel securities’ CEO Kennith Griffin, during the house committee had stated under oath that “We had no role in Robinhood’s decision to limit trading in GameStop or any of the other meme stocks”. But leaked communication documents tells a different story altogether.

The COO of Robinhood Gretchen Howard seems to be giving a heads-up to Vlad Tenev regarding a scheduled meeting Citadel LLC during the height of GameStop short squeeze. She clearly states that Citadel would be demanding the limiting of PFOF – which did happen the following day. She also supplied some background on Kenneth Griffin’s influence within Wall Street as well as his involvement at this firm (Citadel).

Jim Swartwout is the President and CEO of Robinhood Securities. In the transcript above he states, “you wouldn’t believe the convo we had with Citadel, total mess.”

But during the congressional hearing, when Congressman Juan Vargas asks Ken Griffin about Citadel’s involvement in Robinhood’s actions, Ken Griffin clearly denies it.

Twitter censorship

As mentioned earlier #KenGriffinLied was trending #1 on twitter and suddenly the trending hashtag changed to just Ken Griffin, that created a widespread speculation that Twitter is censoring content.



Its also been alleged that, the reason for this Citadel Advisors LLC (owned by Ken Griffin) currently has a disclosed ownership of 4.98 million Twitter (TWTR) shares valued at over $342 million.

Now What:

We will have to wait and see what the SEC does regarding this. Robinhood is currently facing a plethora of lawsuits and if conversation extract turns our to real, this is going to be a crucial evidence as it clearly dictates market manipulation.


Citadel securities took the twitter handle to respond to these allegations – denies everything

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