Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccine Longer Effectivity

A major ray of covid hope came today with the Johnson & Johnson phase 3 covid vaccine trial data suggesting long-lasting protection from the virus.

Speaking to the press, the Global Head of Janssen Research & Development, Mathai Mammen, said that the Phase 3 trials showed the Vaccine to be effective in dealing with covid deaths and hospitalizations as it provided stronger and long-lasting protection against the virus. He further revealed how the data showed an enhanced level of protection in booster doses.

6-8 Times Higher Protection

The new data released today showed that their one shot covid vaccine had a far-reaching immune response than expected. What’s more, it remained strong for a long period of time which is crucial as several other vaccine protection started waning after few months. When given as a booster dose, the Vaccine showed consistent results and was well-tolerated by people.

  • According to the data, the Vaccine was effective in preventing 79% covid infections, 91% covid hospitalizations and 83% covid deaths.
  • The Vaccine showed 75% overall efficacy across all age groups and 74% efficacy in critical cases.
  • For symptomatic patients, the efficacy was 75% globally and 94% in the US.
  • The Vaccine was 100% effective 14days after the dose.
  • A booster dose given after 2 months of the first shot increased protection by 6-8 times.
Single Shot Vaccine the Way To Go?

The Vice-Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer of the company, Paul Stoffels, reiterated its commitment to protecting people, saying that the single-shot Vaccine is the way to go as it was easy to distribute and use. The evidence for the booster dose will play a crucial role in vaccinating more people.

As of now, they have sent data to the FDA for regulatory approval, whereas talks are on with WHO and the National Immunization Technical Advisory Groups (NITAGs) to develop a plan for local vaccine strategies.

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