Is Amazon going to buy AMC Entertainment?

Amazon’s acquisition of AMC has been on the wish list of many movie enthusiasts since 2018. There were multiple rumours in the past 3 years indicating that Amazon’s interest in the purchase was much more serious.

According to a recent article published on Todaysfive, they have sources confirming that negotiations have resumed between Amazon and AMC.

Will Amazon buy AMC at its current market value?

Thats the million dollar question. AMC is currently trading around the $35 – $37 range giving it a market value between $16bn – $18bn. The article clearly states that – “If a deal is reached there will be no merger. Amazon will purchase AMC in its entirety, or there will be no agreement at all.”

This is highly unlikely – as AMC was available for a bargain price in Q4 2020 until January 2021; Amazon didn’t make any move. In 2018 Amazon and Netflix were competing to acquire Landmark theatres which was abandoned later that year.

During the Pandemic both Netflix and Amazon were extremely profitable and had enough cash to purchase any theatre chain – if at all AMC. But the fact of the matter is – They simply didn’t.

What now?

AMC is currently looking very bullish in the short/medium term; meaning the stock price will most likely go up. If at all Amazon wanted to buy the world’s largest theatre chain – they have already missed their.

However, it’s not the end of the road for Amazon – they could still sign an exclusive partnership with AMC. Free tickets for prime members, simultaneous/ 3-5 days exclusive theatrical releases for select Amazon originals, Amazon fresh/stores in AMC theatres are to name a few. Considering recent events, AMC’s investor-friendly CEO Adam Aron would definitely explore this idea if Amazon approaches him.

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