Huge weekend for theatres as 3.9 million moviegoers turned up globally

Venom 2 and No time to die set AMC’s highest grossing weekend since 2020. The world’s largest theatre chain had about 3.9 million visitors globally – AMC said in its press release.

The first weekend of October turned out to be a huge one for theatre lovers as movies competed to break pandemic box office records. The new James Bond movie ‘No Time to Die is set to break the record of grossing just under $120 million.

It brought in $25.6m after only three days of release in the UK and Ireland, adding $11.4m on Saturday – making Saturday the highest single day at the box office in the history of the Bond franchise. Surprisingly, it was also the highest single-day gross since the release of Avengers Endgame in April 2019 (pre-pandemic).

No Time to Die opens in the US on October 8th. AMC’s CEO Adam Aron took Twitter to share that the movie had smashed ticket sales records across the Atlantic. He also indirectly took a dig at fame-hungry hedge fund managers who seem to appear on mainstream media, rhetorically predicting the demise of movie theatres. #chokeonthat

In reality, ever since the vaccination drive, ticket sales have only gone up.

Venom-2 (Let there be carnage) had opened to a whopping $90.1million at the US domestic Box office – the biggest three-day launch for a movie since March 2020. Venom 2 marks the second-best October launch of all time behind that film, indicating that moviegoing returned to some semblance of normal over the weekend.

Venom 2 was released exclusively in theatres versus going out simultaneously on premium VOD or a streaming service. It beat Black Widow (previous record-holder) by almost $10 million.

With more theatrical releases on the horizon, it seems that the hardships are over for the theatre business.

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