Google updates its Gambling Ad policy – begins to accept run ads for sport bettings

Google announced today that it would begin to accept and run ads for sports betting from certified, state-licensed entities in New York from January 8, 2022.

For Google ads, the Gambling & Betting (18+) restricted category includes online gambling and location-based gambling ads only shown to users in gambling-legal areas.

As per Google’s ads policy, due to local laws, they strongly suggest that publishers do not opt to receive gambling ads if their primary site audience is intended for individuals under 18 years of age (for example, kids’ game high school education sites).

Except where prohibited by law, the following gambling-related categories are already permitted on the Google Display Network:

  • Financial spread betting
  • Competitions/sweepstakes
  • Location-based gambling
  • Fantasy sports
  • Offline gambling accessories

When you opt-in, these gambling-related categories may be allowed to run on your site, depending on your country and the country in which the end-user is viewing your pages:

  • Bingo
  • Lotteries
  • Online casino games
  • Tips, odds, and handicapping
  • Education/supplemental materials
  • Bonus codes
  • Sports Betting

The announcement came a few hours after Group Limited (Nasdaq: GAMB) announced that it is ready to provide marketing services to licensed online sports betting operators in New York State when online legal sports betting launches.

According to the New York State Gaming Commission guidelines, Group meets the requirements for providing marketing services to licensed operators in the state of New York.

The Group has developed two New York-specific websites where sports bettors can find trustworthy, comprehensive, and up-to-date information about sports betting in the state. It is also willing to help New York-licensed online gambling operators acquire players via its national and international websites.

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