Elon Musk thinks that the chip shortage problem will end soon as new semiconductor plants are under construction. Major automobile companies like Tesla have been facing the heat this year over chip shortage. 

New Chip Plants To Fulfill Capacity

At a joint conference with Stellantis and Ferrari at the Italian Tech Week in Turin, the Tesla CEO said the current chip shortage issue is short-term. Many chip fabrications are being built, which will fulfil next year’s capacity, Musk added. 

Nuclear Energy Crucial

The automobile giants spoke about nuclear energy meeting the energy demands of the sector. Musk expressed his surprise at some countries’ decision to move away from nuclear energy. However, the automakers refrained from commenting on the tussles between legacy automakers like Ferrari and electric car leaders like Tesla over the EV marketspace. 

Musk Thanks Stellantis

Musk has thanked Ferrari CEO John Elkann for supporting the company back in 2017 with the Fiat Chrysler Robo unit in Comau. Musk termed the production of Model 3 Tesla as one of the most painful periods of the company as it came close to bankruptcy half a dozen times. 

Carlos Tavares, the CEP of Stellantis revealed that the Fiat Chrysler & PSA merger is likely to meet their EU carbon emission target this year. This excludes the credits earned from Tesla. 


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