Ford ramps up production of its F-150 Lightening EV

FORD has been working on the First all-electric F-150 truck and should be all set to be launched by the 4th quarter of year. They have been working on their designs and have invested approximately around $700 million since 2016 and have been working on their prototype which seems to have been finalized. 

As per FORD’s President, Mr. Kumar Galhotra; they are all set up at their FORD Rouge Electric Vehicle Centre to manufacture over 80,000 trucks a year to meet customer demand and have generated 450 new jobs across South East Michigan facilities only and are yet to come up with more as per the demand and sales soar up post launch. Sources even mentioned that they have got a good response as per the pre-bookings of the truck before the launch. 

The prototype is all-ready and they are working up on the launch and manufacturing so that they can be able to meet the customer demand and could rush to take pre-bookings and be able to deliver the F-150 Lightening as per promised for a sustainable future. 

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