FedEx Corp. quarterly profit hit by the labour shortfall


On Tuesday, FedEx reported its first-quarter earnings. The U.S. delivery firm FedEx Corp. posted a 7% drop in its quarterly profit and cut down its full-year forecast.   

The company issued its statement saying that the business has been majorly impacted because the constrained labour markets remain the most significant issue. However, owing to the higher demands in the E-commerce sector, FedEx Corp. will continue to invest in its network strategically. Thus, improving the efficiency, speed and service capabilities.   

FedEx Earnings first quarter overview  
  • FedEx successfully generated $22 billion in revenue for this fiscal year. The revenue increased from last year’s $19.3 billion because of the rise in demand.  
  • During these three months ending on 31st August, FedEx Corp. posted an adjusted net income of $1.19 billion, down from $1.28 billion a year earlier.  
  • The adjusted or diluted earnings per share were 4.37 dollars.  
  • The analysts predicted quarterly sales of $21.8 billion and earnings per share of $4.96.  

FedEx Corp. is also expanding its business. It opened a fully automated, state-of-the-art hub in Chino, California. This hub can process 30,000 packages per hour and has a strategically better location.  

The company is also witnessing improvement in the year-over-year improvement. Thus, its stocks are worth keeping an eye on! 

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