Hollywood star and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio has joined the advisory board of the cultivated meat startup Axios. He is investing in the technology that makes meat from animal cells.

Investment To Change the Food System

Although some climate activists have criticized this technology, DiCaprio’s investment might inform people of its ecofriendly nature.

The actor is also investing in cell-based hamburger firm Aleph Farms and Dutch startup Mosa Meat. Aleph Farms is the first cell-based hamburger producer in the world. Earlier, they had produced the world’s first cell-based steak.

Why Is It Needed?

The 2013 UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) report shows why this is needed as the meat and dairy industry contributes 14.5% of the world’s GHG emissions.

And the most significant carbon footprint comes from beef because of methane emissions during cattle farming.

The new process will use a part of the cow cells to produce only the cuts of beef that are eaten. So, the whole cow isn’t cultivated, reducing the emission from their feed. However, the process requires quite a lot of energy.

How Will It Help?

Didier Toubia, Aleph’s co-founder, reiterated their commitment when he said that DiCaprio’s investment would help them combat climate change and preserve the planet.

However, many environmentalists are against this, saying that a simple diet change could solve it. Such over-engineered solutions aren’t needed.

But the cultivated meat supporters say that this will be beneficial as the world has made little progress in changing their diets, despite the growth in plant-based alternatives.

In fact, FAO’s estimates meat consumption to increase by 1% in 2021.

Maarten Bosch, the CEO of Mosa Meat, said that meat consumption will go up 40-50% by 2050. We need to act now to prevent the dire consequences of that.

Bottom Line

Overall, DiCaprio’s investment might act as a catalyst to convince people that sustainable choices can be easy, including environmentalists.


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