Cardano (ADA) has announced a partnership with Chainlink, the oracle solutions provider. The step was taken to accelerate the development of its DeFi ecosystem. This partnership was announced last weekend during the two-day Cardano Summit. The two companies will co-operate to develop DeFi Smart Contracts.

The Cardano Summit  

Over the weekend, the Cardano Summit was called “the biggest online blockchain event ever”. It took place on 25th and 26th September 2021. This two-day conference was filled with presentations, reports, visions and discussions on various topics.   

There were many speeches on the new partnerships. Especially the ones that are expected to be the key in the development of the Cardano ecosystem further.  One of these was the conversation with the telecommunications provider Dish Network. 

The ethereum blockchain Rival Cardano and Chainlink entering the partnership to ensure the fast development of secure decentralized finance applications.


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