AMC stock to witness a Spidey Jump in December – How High?

amc in december

AMC has gained an 11.51% increase in its share price over the past month. With holidays of 2021 awaiting and a host of films lined up to release, will AMC witness a big spider jump and get a way back home to a cheerful ending to the year as the Christmas bell rings? Well, the company’s CEO Adam Aron’s tweet today looks to say so. So, will AMC reach the moon in December?

Spider-Man, the highest anticipated movie, and Matrix, what’s in store? 

AMC CEO Adam Aron even made a recent tweet in which he asked the public to wait for a surprise announcement coming this Sunday, related to one of the big movies the theatre will screen.

The Matrix Revolutions was released in 2003. The third installment to the franchise that swept across the movie buzz with its scientific exploration grossed over $738 million. The Matrix Resurrections is scheduled to release worldwide on December 22, 2021. Considering the film’s popularity and holidays around its release, there is a chance of exploding records at the box office. 

But before that, the audience will be seized by Spider-Man: No Way Home, a sequel to Spider-Man: Far From Home. The movie is already hyped and anticipated a lot. It is expected that this unfolding of the multiverse movie will become the highest-grossing film even beating Endgame. The earlier spidey movie grossed over $1.1 billion, making it the first Spider-Man to pass the billion-dollar mark. The film is scheduled for release on December 17, 2021

With these two biggies set to release, AMC is expected to make big bills. Other prominent films which are to release in December are:

West Side Story – December 10, 2021

Swan Song – December 17, 2021

The King’s Man – December 22, 2021

TrailBlazers – December 31, 2021

These are not the only ones in the store, and there are many lined up till new year’s Eve for release and for making your holiday full of fun. 

Does AMC need a takeover..Or is it Amazon that needs AMC?

According to TodaysFive, Amazon wants to take over AMC entirely, leaving no chance of owning a stake or establishing a partnership with the world’s largest theatre chain. But the question that looms here is: Does AMC need Amazon to take over to sail safely? 

On January 4, 2021, AMC’s stock price was valued at $2.01, and yesterday on November 4, 2021, it was trading at a value of $ 38.74. Now, even if we overlook the short squeeze and June shot up to $61.34, AMC has still gained around 1,827%. The company market cap currently stands at $20.13 billion.

AMC, compared to a year ago, is sailing reasonably well. With pandemic easing, it is expected to gain more. Therefore, the company is in no need of any takeover. 

Is there a crypto in cards for AMC?

AMC is keenly interested in the crypto market and has also taken some cryptocurrencies as a payment method. But is AMC considering its crypto? Well, the earnings call conference did point in that direction. The company is looking forward to developing its blockchain network and introducing a cryptocurrency.

The crypto market has piqued AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc.’s interest. The company recently accepted the Shiba Inu coin for payment after CEO Adam Aron conducted a Twitter poll to gauge public opinion on whether or not AMC should accept it. The implementation schedule has now been confirmed — 60 to 120 days.

Previously, AMC theatres allowed Bitcoin for ticket purchases and payments. The company is now expanding its presence in the nascent crypto market by accepting new coins. This act of the theatre company is getting greater recognition from Gen Z as they find it easier to deal in cryptos.

Popcorns – AMC wants it as well

The largest theatre chain in the world has been expanding its business lately, and recently, it also stepped its feet into the popcorn market.

The movie theatre chain will also begin selling fresh popcorn for takeout, pickup, and delivery, becoming increasingly popular since the outbreak. By the end of 2022, the business plans to open up to 15 retail locations in the United States, not all of which will be associated with an AMC cinema.

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