Action against Facebook- declares Washington

action against facebook

After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook Inc. is now facing its most significant public relations disaster. Lawmakers in Washington DC are preparing to take action against Facebook.  

This, however, seems more like a routine for lawmakers. They say that they will pass strict laws against the tech companies while addressing a shocking new revelation about the company. Them not living up to their words is also a part of the routine! As history goes, this time does not seem any different!  

This time, the senatorial outrage comes as a result of a recent series published in The Wall Street Journal. The series exposed Facebook and talked about the various issues of the platform. The Wall Street Journal has reported the issue of Facebook being used for many severe and gruesome crimes. In such cases, Facebook Inc. usually ignores the problems and gets its feet out of the crime.   

The Journal reports via a whistleblower and accuses Facebook of letting on crimes like human trafficking, special treatment given to celebrity content, and these platforms’ adverse health effect. The critics have associated Facebook with the tobacco companies that link cigarettes to cancer and addiction, as Facebook shows its negative effects.  

Now, the senators will form a committee. This committee shall hear the stand of the whistleblower before the end of the year. The committee thinks more revelations will surface upon the hearing in Tennessee next week.   

But, for these things to fall into place, the lawmakers will have to step up their game and address the privacy and data breach effectively.   

Big Tech Companies Targeted By the U.S. and EU

On the other side America, and European Union both also plan to take action against tech companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon. The plan is to take a unified strategy to limit the rising market energy of these tech giants!  

The U.S. and Europe are attempting to restrain these big names of the industry by restricting them.  Their co-operation has turned critical for the regulators on both sides of the Atlantic. There are many pending lawsuits on these companies which are yet to be investigated.   

The action is to be taken against the companies to ensure no infringement in the democratic setup of the countries. A group from the EU and the U.S. is set to discuss hate speech, algorithm amplifications.  

Better done than said! The words of the lawmakers coming true is awaited! 

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