American Express

American Express smash analysts expectations

American Express (AXP) released its earnings for the third quarter of 2021 before the market opened Friday. The details are below. Net Revenue:  $ 10.928 billion EPS:  $2.27 per share Net…

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Who is David Scott and why is he against retail investors

David Albert Scott, an American politician/businessman, is the incumbent Member of the US House of Representatives from Georgia’s 13th district. He’s also the Chair of…
Shiba inu

What would a $1 investment of Shiba Inu coin last year be worth today?

Shiba Inu, the meme-stock coin ruling the crypto markets for the past week, went up again on Thursday.  The Shiba Inu coin worth has whoppingly increased this year!  Well, now…

Citadel vs SEC court hearing on October 25th – All you need to know

There’s a scheduled court hearing on October 25th 2021 between plaintiff Citadel LLC and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) at the United States Court of Appeals…

Citadel orchestrated the entire GameStop saga – court document reveals

More evidence has emerged from the court document that reveals the extent of disregard exhibited by Robinhood’s executives. Although to date, these are considered as speculations, new…

Ken Griffin lied about Robinhood during GameStop congressional hearing

#KenGriffinLied has been trending #1 on twitter all day. The reason being, Citadel securities’ CEO Kennith Griffin, during the house committee had stated under oath that “We had no…

Why Pharma is the best place to dump your money

As the new COVID-19 variant spreads globally, the economic sectors continue to bear the brunt. If there is one industry surviving and profiting amid the mayhem, it is the pharmaceutical…

Gold and commodities during pandemic times

Will gold glitter in the future?   Gold has always been considered a valuable asset for investments and bank reserves. The precious metal is a safe-haven commodity for many owing to…

Ethereum 2.0 and London Hard Fork: All you need to know

Update (August 5, 2021): EIP-1559 (Ethereum London) is now live. Ethereum 2.0 version, aka Serenity, is finally set to launch on August 4. The countdown has begun. London Hard Fork – the…

Race for EV Battery Recycling Solution Begins

Given the complex nature of batteries consumed by Electric Vehicles (EV’s) and their negative impact on the environment, researchers, Governments, and the manufacturing industry hunt for…

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American Express

American Express smash analysts expectations

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Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) smashes estimates, growth 21.9%

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Intel Corp. beats expectations, 5% YoY growth

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AT&T releases its Q3 earnings, tops EPS estimates as subscribers grow

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Southwest Airlines release Q3 earnings, beats estimates